Aviv Kor was established in 1986 in Johannesburg South Africa for the purpose of servicing the growing needs of the beverage and fruit juice industry for reliable, fault free modern dispensing equipment. All our equipment is designed in house by our design teems in compliance with international safety standards and health regulations. We use the best available materials and components to manufacture our dispensers under strict quality controls, external panels are made of stainless steel.

Years of experience and continuous improvements resulted in the introduction of our latest models which offer a continuous fault free operation at with basically no maintenance required.

Our unique free flow dispensing valve was developed by us to guarantee smooth and free flow of any thick, solid rich fruit juice and would not get blocked by fruit pulp and pips.

Following the success of the juice dispensers we added new products to our range such as: shawarma machines, toasters and pizza dough rollers.

Aviv Kor’s products are exported successfully to customers all around the world who enjoy a hassle-free operation to maximize profitability.